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Its been a long time .
Sunday, 24 May 2015 | 11:19 | 0 Awesome People
Assalamualaikum , ya Allah its been a long day and a long time since my last post hahahaha i cant believe that on this early morning at 1.59 am 25 may 2015 , i am updating my entry on my blog hahahaha eventho i know there is no one who will open and visit and read my entry yah but who cares eh this is mine .
I dont know what type of entry i am typing right now hahahaha i just typing whatever cross on my mind , yeah since now i am still on my semester break for a 2 months , i will register for my new sem on 20 June , its about a month to go . Still a long time to be wait .

My life now? hm better than before i think hahaha well i'm a big girl now okay im 19 years old , such a big girl huh ?hehehe and im still enjoying my life with my precious family and beloved friends & annoying boyfriend , yeah planning for a better future . I know i should think about my future actually . will ended my dip soon then got a better working place (or maybe continue my degree, if Allah will it) and and i still with my old life kott , nothing changes still the same and im still myself still be me . okay dah lets stop updating about myself .

Okayy , last day i had a very good experience which is my sis was handle an fashion show event ,the name was Hijabiza Fashion Show Menuju Syawal (if people now that hijabiza was my old workplace since i was working there before i continue my study) okay , i am as a hijabiza's crew and all i can say is that it was really really a fantastic amaze event ever because i can see the effort that they make it to make the event run smoothly , bcs my sis is the project manager so i can see her effort and helping kak iza to handle the event from a to z and yeah finally they did it . okay dah later i will post again , see u soon bloggie xoxo

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